About Us

We create sewing patterns in digital format that can be downloaded and printed at home! Download one of our free patterns to learn more about how to use them :) 


Inspiration is Everywhere

At Brindille & Twig, our inspiration comes from kids — the daughter and son of owner and designer, Melissa Hendrickson. Finding few clothing options that expressed the individuality of her new baby, Melissa used her background in apparel technologies to create her first children's sewing pattern. One pattern turned to two, two became four, and she soon found herself with a wardrobe of fun and unique clothing for her 2 kids.


After making an entire wardrobe, Melissa felt other parents might enjoy dressing their own kids in comfortable, yet contemporary duds, and the idea took root to make her patterns available to all. She wanted others to have just as much flexibility in fabric and styling as she did when dressing her children, and that’s what we do to this day!


Our goal is to create easy-to-follow sewing patterns for discerning parents (or grandparents) who want to dress their little ones in distinct, fashion-forward styles — without ever needing to compromise quality and comfort.


Melissa Hendrickson, owner and designer of Brindille & Twig, studied apparel technologies to master pattern making, garment construction, fitting, and professional finishing. Upon completing school, Melissa continued to study pattern making and improve her garment construction skills. She currently lives in Colorado with her family. 


Let Our Inspiration Inspire You!

For more information about our PDF patterns, please contact Melissa at melissa@brindilletwig.com. Or, you can order one or more Brindille & Twig patterns today on our product page.




“I’ve never sewn anything besides pillows…[but] the directions are so easy to follow
with such clear illustrations that I can make them myself.”
~ Anna Wrecksya, DIY Mom
“Love all of the Brindille & Twig patterns! So easy to follow and sizing is so accurate!”
~ Skylar Norris, DIY Mom
“I love me some Brindille & Twig…Great pattern with great results.
I just finished whipping one up, and it was so quick. I’m about to make my twins some too!”
~ Blair Valley, DIY Mom
"Great pattern! It will definitely be a staple in little man’s wardrobe!”
~ Kailah Stone, DIY Mom